Discover the fascinating story behind PAOS' 1982 logo design for Japanese audio and electronics brand Kenwood.
Logo Histories tells the story of Rob Janoff and Regis Mckenna's 1977 logo design for Apple Computers.
Lance Wyman's 1975 logo for the National Zoo.
Karl Gerstner's 1978 logo for Swissair.
Gérard Guerre and Technes' 1966 logo design for Merlin Gerin
Robert Miles Runyan's 1970 logo for American forestry product business Crown Zellerbach.

December 2022

Vladimir Arsentiev's 1976 logo for the Moscow Summer Olympic Games
Ben John and Ed Stone's 1965 logo for British Transport Docks Board
Paul Persson & David Westman's 1968 logo for Swedish cooperative KF
A design competition to find a logo for Hovedstadsområdets Trafikselskab.

November 2022

Learn about about the design and development of Peter Hirt and Janne Igls Andersen’s 1985 logo for HT, Copenhagen's regional transport network.
Discover the fascinating story of Coordt von Mannstein's 1968 logo for the 1972 Summer Olympics.