Chermayeff & Geismar's 1966 logo for Mobil
Frank M. Robinson and Elizabeth Arden's 1969 logo for Coca-cola
Margaret Calvert's 1964 logo for Glasgow Airport.
Kazumasa Nagai's 1966 symbol for the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games.
The British European Airways corporate identities by Mary de Saulles (1960) and FHK Henrion (1967)
Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes & Adrian Frutiger's corporate typeface for BP.
Shell’s ‘Pecten’ had been in use since the 1900s and was an internationally recognised symbol. Although the Pecten had undergone a redesign two years…
Franco M. Ricci's 1963 logo for Super Cucine Italiane Componili
Armin Vogt and Jean Reiwald's 1968 logo for Fiat
Paul Rand's 1961 logo for Westinghouse
Lippincott & Margulies’ 1964 logo for Eastern Airlines
Takeshi Otaka's 1965 logo for Osaka's Expo '70