Design for Transport

Niels Hartmann and Jens Neilsen's 1972 logo and design policy for DSB.
Lippincott & Margulies’ 1964 logo for Eastern Airlines
Discover the fascinating story behind FHK Henrion and Henrion Design Associates' 1961 logo for Dutch airline KLM.
Karl Gerstner's 1978 logo for Swissair.
Ben John and Ed Stone's 1965 logo for British Transport Docks Board
Learn about about the design and development of Peter Hirt and Janne Igls Andersen’s 1985 logo for HT, Copenhagen's regional transport network.
Learn about Saul Bass and Associates' logo for United Airlines designed in 1974.
Discover, in the words of the designer Rolf Bircher, the ideas behind the 1958 logo for Swissair
Discover the fascinating story of Will Van Sambeek's 1969 logo for Holland America Line. LogoArchive's Logo Histories.
Learn about the logo designed by Lippincott & Margulies in 1971 for Amtrak. LogoArchive's Logo Histories.
Revealed, the amazing story of student Josef Oberauer’s 1969 logo design for Austrian Airlines. LogoArchive Logo Histories.
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