Great Britain

Margaret Calvert's 1964 logo for Glasgow Airport.
The British European Airways corporate identities by Mary de Saulles (1960) and FHK Henrion (1967)
Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes & Adrian Frutiger's corporate typeface for BP.
Discover the fascinating story behind FHK Henrion and Henrion Design Associates' 1961 logo for Dutch airline KLM.
Ben John and Ed Stone's 1965 logo for British Transport Docks Board
The striking story behind FHK Henrion’s 1971 logo for London Electricity Board.
FHK Henrion's 1969 logo for the Post Office's National Giro. LogoArchive's Logo Histories.
The fascinating story of the WHSmith logo, designed in 1973 by Professor Richard Guyatt, Nick Jenkins, Ian Middleton and Jane-Ann Withers.
Lippincott & Margulies's 1967 logo for the Co-op Great Britain
Find out about June Fraser’s 1958 logo for ABC Television, designed at Design Research Unit. LogoArchive's Logo Histories.
Read about the first minimal logo designed in 1967 by HDA International for Blue Circle Group. LogoArchive's Logo History.
Mark Woodham's 1968 logo for The Royal Bank of Scotland